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boric acid bv

Boric acid bv is an effective and safe way to treat BV and yeast infections. It’s a natural antifungal and antiviral compound that has been used for centuries as a home remedy for vaginal infections, including bacterial vaginosis (BV) and candidiasis.

It’s also a pH-balancing treatment that helps restore your vaginal pH and eliminate harmful bacteria from your body. It can help prevent recurrences of BV by restoring a healthy vaginal pH.

BV is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria called Gardenerella vaginalis that can lead to itching, burning, and pain in the vagina. It can also cause thick, odorless vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese.

Understanding BV and the Benefits of Using Boric Acid Suppositories for Treatment

Traditional treatments for BV include antibiotics. They typically work well, but sometimes the infection will keep coming back, even after multiple rounds of treatment.

In addition to antibiotics, there are several over-the-counter remedies that claim to clear symptoms of BV and reduce the chance it will come back. However, some of these remedies don’t have any scientific evidence to back up their claims and can cause side effects.

Some people have been reported to have success with apple cider vinegar as a BV remedy. Other anecdotal evidence suggests that tea tree oil might help, but there’s no scientific data to support these claims.

If you have BV or a yeast infection, try boric acid suppositories for a natural way to reset your vaginal pH and eliminate the infection for good. Using these suppositories after sexual intercourse, during your menstrual cycle, or anytime your pH is off can make all the difference.

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