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canada mail order marijuana

For more than a year, canada mail order marijuana  consumers have had the opportunity to purchase legal cannabis online and have it shipped to their door. While it’s a luxury that most in the United States can only dream of, mail-order marijuana providers are not without challenges in Canada. They face hefty competition from black market operators, stringent advertising restrictions, mandated security requirements, zoning laws and a host of other complexities familiar to entrepreneurs in the United States.

Canada’s mail order marijuana industry is still a small and fragmented one. In September 2019, it accounted for only 5.9% of total recreational marijuana sales, according to Statistics Canada. However, that’s up significantly from April 2018, when it accounted for only 3.6% of the market.

Mail Order Marijuana in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide to Ordering Cannabis Online

Despite the challenges, many online retailers are surviving. They have adapted their business model to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the growing demand for cannabis in Canada. They offer a variety of products including weed buds, concentrates, edibles and prerolls. They also sell accessories and vapes.

They are also able to offer lower prices than legal retailers, especially for bulk purchases. This is because they are not regulated by the government and can avoid strict penalties that come with operating illegally.

Nevertheless, they are still facing the challenge of fighting the black market, which is expected to grow as more provinces legalize edibles and concentrates. The most important thing to remember when buying cannabis online is that it must be purchased from a licensed producer or a retailer approved by the provincial government. Purchasing from a non-licensed retailer puts you at risk for identity theft, tax evasion and other financial crimes that support organized crime groups.

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