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When it comes to moving caster wheels heavy duty items or equipment, caster wheels are an essential tool. They provide a stable platform for these items and reduce strain on workers who are handling them.

The best way to find the right caster wheel is to consider several factors such as the weight, size, and type of the item being moved. The caster’s material is also important because it affects its strength and traction.

Caster wheels can be made from a variety of materials, including cast iron, ductile steel, phenolic, nylon, and polyurethane. Each type is suited to certain applications.

Heavy-duty casters are designed for heavy-duty uses and may support loads up to 44,000 pounds. They are typically larger than standard casters and have thicker fork legs and a wider load-bearing swivel section.

How to Choose the Right Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels for Your Equipment

They are usually mounted on carts or platform trucks to help move heavy items around an area. They are often used in auto assembly plants, aircraft assembly plants, and other manufacturing facilities to help transport parts and assemblies from one location to another with ease.

These casters are also a popular option for moving loaded or unloaded shipping containers, which have an ISO corner fitting bracket that can be mounted to these casters. These casters can be fitted to containers of different sizes and have a ‘handle’ that swings forward to lock into the corner fitting, then back again to unlock.

The caster’s design and materials are important to the safety of employees who use them, but so are the hardware fittings that maintain the caster’s connection to the item being moved. The lubrication of these parts is particularly crucial to maintaining their functionality.

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