Korean News

After the Japanese annexation of Korea in 1910, vernacular newspapers such as Donga Ilbo and intellectual journals like Kaebyok fought running skirmishes with colonial authorities for control of cultural activity. However, the Basic Press Law passed in 1980 consolidated government control and established media censorship.

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By the mid-1980s, censorship of print and broadcast media was one of the most widely criticized practices in the world. The censorship system was coordinated with intelligence officials and representatives of various government agencies, using daily “reporting guidelines” sent to newspaper editors.

The main 올 노출 bj in the country is KBS, which operates radio and television channels. Among its television channels is KBS World 24 which airs programs geared toward the Korean population living abroad. There are also several commercial channels including MBC and SBS that offer a wide variety of programs such as talk shows, dramas, and comedy.

Other than the major television and radio networks, there are many privately owned publications that are free to publish their opinions. The principal anti-establishment paper is Hankyoreh which was founded by dissident journalists whose work had been suppressed by the government in the 1970s or 1980. The founders of the paper sought to make Hankyoreh a newspaper with a structure and approach that could not easily be co-opted by the government, and they created a human rights department to monitor the government’s press policy and critique the ideological and political bias of other papers.