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A lawyer that deals with credit issues can help consumers who discover erroneous information on their reports, communicate with the financial agencies on their behalf, and enforce federal consumer laws. If the CRAs or data furnishers refuse to correct an error, or use stall tactics and poor review and investigation processes to make it difficult for consumers to have their credit reporting issues resolved, a credit attorney can file a lawsuit on the consumer’s behalf.

A good New York credit report lawyer will start by reviewing the consumer’s credit history and identifying potential errors that need to be disputed with the CRAs. They will then work on resolving those issues and will ensure the negative items are properly removed from the credit file so they do not negatively impact the consumer’s life.

How to Deal with Identity Theft: Credit Report Lawyers’ Strategies

They can also help if they are victims of identity theft or if debt collectors harass them over a disputed debt that does not belong to them. These types of situations can result in statutory damages under New York state law, as well as compensatory damages that make the consumer whole again.

Credit report lawyers are trained to deal with the complexities of the credit system and how the financial industry works. They are familiar with the pitfalls and loopholes that can be used to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. They can take the time to explain all of your legal options and will keep you informed throughout the process so that you feel involved in your case. They will also help you recover your attorney’s fees and costs, so you do not have to pay out of pocket to get the credit reporting issues fixed.

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