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diesel eco tuning

Unlike eco tuning diesel tuning which often has more power and torque, the aim of diesel eco tuning is to reduce fuel consumption. This is achieved by optimizing the engine’s parameters. This results in improved combustion with reduced nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. These are important factors in meeting air quality regulations.

This type of chip remap is especially desirable at times of high fuel prices. Eco-Chip tuning optimizes the torque of the engine in low speed areas which allows a much more effective use of the available power – so it’s possible to change gears at lower RPM, and thus save fuel. The optimum engine power is also maintained over a wider range of rpm. This results in better drivability and an overall more powerful feeling of the vehicle.

Fine-Tuning Your Drive: Exploring the Benefits and Techniques of Diesel Car Tuning

Fuel savings can be up to 20% with the remapping of the ECU. However, many drivers are fooled into believing that their cars are using less fuel because the car’s dashboard displays an increase in mileage. This is because the mileage calculation is altered by modification of the data map changed by the tuner.

The most popular first-time diesel modification is a performance program for your truck’s stock ECU. This is a simple and easy way to unlock more power and boost your MPG without having to install new intake or exhaust components. For 14-18 Ram 1500 trucks with Cummins power, the Edge EZX is a safe and reliable tuner that will provide you with emissions-friendly power gains without affecting your diesel particulate filter.

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