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Astrocartography (also known as Celestial Doorways and local space lines) is one of the lesser-known aspects of astrology, but it can help you plan travel—both long-term moves and day-to-day activities—in a way that’s more purposeful. The process involves taking your birth chart and determining where the planets were on the sky’s four angles at the time you were born, which creates what’s called a natal, or birth, map. From this information, astrocartographers can then overlay the map on top of a map of your city and draw lines that indicate where planetary energies may be stronger in that location, Hillis-Dineen says.

These lines are labeled with planet emojis, and the energy they carry is dependent on what each planet means in your natal chart: Venus might bring romance and love, Jupiter might offer opportunity, and Saturn might inspire responsibilities and growth, for example. But it’s important to remember that you don’t have to live on a line for it to affect you, Monahan adds. You can also tap into a line’s energy by visiting that area on a trip or working in a place where the planetary line is strong, if you want to feel the effects for a shorter period of time.

Beyond Horoscopes: Delving into the Nuances of Astrocartography

To get started, enter your birth date into the free astrochart from Astro Dienst and you’ll see the color-coded lines crisscrossing the globe with each one displaying a different planet emoji—for instance, the Neptune line represents a spiritual or dreamy experience, while the Mars line is all about action and drive. But it’s important to use this tool as a supplement to your own intuition, common sense, and the advice of trusted professionals, Monahan cautions.

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