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How to connect airpods to chromebook, but you might be wondering how to connect them to your computer. It’s easy, but the process is not intuitive. The first step is to open the network menu on your Chromebook, which is found in the lower right corner of the screen, next to the battery logo and clock. Click the Bluetooth icon in the network menu, and then tap on the blue arrow underneath it. If your headphones are already in the Bluetooth range, click on it. Once this is complete, the Bluetooth logo should be turned on.

How To Learn How To Connect AirPods To Chromebook

The next step is to pair your AirPods with your Chromebook. Press the Bluetooth button on your Chromebook. The Bluetooth tool will search nearby Bluetooth devices and list them. If your AirPods are compatible with your Chromebook, they should appear as a pairing option in the list. Click the headphone icon and see if your device appears on the list. Once you have found the AirPods, press the Apple Setup button on your charging case to get the laptop to recognize them.

Once your device is connected to your Chromebook, open the Bluetooth settings on your phone or tablet. If you see the AirPods icon in the Bluetooth list, tap on it to pair them. Make sure that your Apple device is not running any background media processes, as they might prevent the pair from working. Then, press and hold the white LED to accept the AirPods. Now, your AirPods should show up on the list.

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