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What are the influencers in Dubai doing that earns them millions of dollars every month? Some of the most successful and richest brands in the world know this. They know that social media can be a highly effective marketing tool for their businesses, but they don’t spend the time to learn how to use it to their advantage.

That’s where the Dubai Media Lab comes in. The media lab is run by two of the biggest digital agencies in the world, Creative Content Agency in London and WLL Worldwide Ltd in the UK. These agencies have teams in Dubai which specialize in creating social media marketing solutions for leading brands, to make their brands more accessible to the people who need them.

Not only do these agencies like Innovations, they are good at getting the attention of the target audience for brands without spending a dime. They create influencers who use social media to engage with their target audience and share their messages with them. This not only makes their brands visible to new customers, but also creates brand loyalty from long-time fans. In fact, many influencers will start a new fan base in Dubai because of the success their original fans had.

Influencers in Dubai create content for the brands themselves, often in collaboration with the creative team at Creative Content Agency, or they submit their own content to the social media pages of the brands they are associated with so that they can get more exposure. The Dubai audience is quite passionate about brands, so it is no wonder that the professionals at the Dubai Media Lab understand the importance of building strong relationships with their target audiences. Once these relationships are built, the companies can then engage with these audiences on a more personal level, making it easier for them to bring their marketing messages to life for their audiences.

What makes the relationship between the Dubai brand owners and the influencers working for them so successful? First of all, these brands understand that a good reputation goes a long way in UAE marketing, so they are constantly monitoring the social media accounts of their partners to make sure they are posting messages in line with their corporate goals and objectives. In turn, the influencers themselves are careful not to use their status updates or posts to promote their own brands, as this could lead to legal action against them. Instead, they try to moderate their posts and comments in order to keep their integrity while still engaging with their audiences.

Another key factor in the relationship between the Dubai brands and influencers in Dubai is that the brands themselves are interested in reaching an international audience, so they work closely with influencers in Dubai to help them develop campaigns around the popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. With the help of influencers in Dubai, they are able to use these platforms to reach a bigger audience – something that brands in other cities might have a hard time doing on their own. In addition, the brands themselves take great care to ensure that their posts on the various social platforms do not show up in a negative light by blocking the likes of Digg, Reddit and MySpace from their page. They want to make sure that their brands remain respectful while promoting themselves. This helps them build strong relationships with the influencers in Dubai who then in turn can spread the word about their brands to their millions of followers on these social platforms.

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