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Using PBNs is becoming a more popular strategy for search engine optimization, but there are some important things to remember. The first is to be careful not to use the same PBN for multiple sites. Google has been penalizing websites that use PBNs in their links and other elements. Fortunately, this has not stopped the company from allowing PBNs to be used for SEO purposes. The second thing to remember is to not let lazy webmasters do their work. This can lead to their sites getting penalized. Source – saketwahi.com

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem With PBN Domains In SEO

PBN Domains in SEO

A PBN is created by purchasing expired domain names that have authority. It also includes websites that are already well-established. The goal is to get as many links as possible from high authority sites as possible. It is possible to build several PBNs for one keyword. Each one will have its own unique IP address. It is up to you to make the best decision for your website. However, a PBN should be used only in conjunction with a primary site.

Another major advantage of using PBNs is that you can control which sites will link to you. While your content might not be as high quality, you will have control over which ones will be linked to you. You can then focus on promoting your highest-ROI content, such as consumer guides, reviews, and Best-X-for-Y style posts. If your content is informational, you may want to try an outreach campaign to obtain editorial links.

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