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school bike sheds

School bike sheds  are an often overlooked opportunity to offer a very valuable facility for students and teachers. Bike shelters allow them to leave their bikes outside without the worry of it being stolen or vandalised, removing one of the main barriers to cycling to school.

This bespoke cycle store was custom designed for the space available and is perfect for schools with a moderate number of cyclists. It features an open front with a choice of cladding to suit the surroundings and can be supplied with optional bin and log storage, or even a living sedum roof.

Having designated, organised cycle storage enables pupils to quickly locate their bike so they can get to classes and extra-curricular activities punctually. This helps to reduce missed lessons and promotes a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Creating a Bike-Friendly Campus: The Importance of School Bike Sheds and Storage Solutions

A well-designed, professional-looking cycle store also gives a good impression of the school to its pupils and their parents. It’s worth the cost to invest in a high-quality structure, which will be built to last and provide years of use. It’s worth getting it professionally installed to ensure the process is seamless, with minimal disruption for the school. This demonstrates that the school takes care of its own property and is committed to sustainable practices. It also helps to minimise maintenance costs and ensures the bike shelter is safe for its users. To find out more about a school’s options for bike storage and to see how we can help with the design, build and installation of an outdoor classroom, contact us.

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