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911 Exterminators Pests are rodents, birds, insects or other organisms that cause significant damage to people’s property or health. Pest control aims to stop or reduce the damage by using exclusion, repulsion, physical removal and/or chemicals. Pests that can’t be eliminated should be controlled to the extent that is acceptable in a particular situation, and the use of chemicals must be balanced with other options.

What is an example of a pest control?

The first step in controlling pests is to prevent them from entering homes and businesses by eliminating the food, water or shelter they need. This is called “pest proofing.” For example, doors and windows should be tightly closed. Trash cans should be securely fastened and garbage removed regularly from outdoor areas. Cracks and crevices should be sealed with a quality caulking material. In addition, trees should be properly trimmed to minimize the number of branches that could fall on buildings and structures.

Other preventive measures include removing weeds that serve as hiding places for pests, and maintaining clean yards to eliminate attractants such as trash and pet droppings. Regularly checking for pests and repairing entry points is also important.

When prevention and other non-chemical controls aren’t enough to keep pest populations below damaging levels, the use of pesticides may be necessary. When this is the case, only a few carefully selected and applied pesticides should be used. Pesticides should be designed for the specific pest and used with caution, following all label instructions. Other less-toxic options include traps, baits and removing the pests’ breeding grounds, such as nests.


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