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Whether you are seeking immigration assistance as an individual or business, an immigration lawyer consultation is an important first step. In addition to discussing immigration laws and processes, a consultation can allow you to ask questions and determine whether or not you want to hire an attorney. A consult with an experienced, practiced immigration attorney can help you understand your legal options and move forward with confidence.

The immigration lawyer will want to know your full story. This includes the facts and circumstances of your case, including how you entered the United States, any pending applications or hearings, and whether you have been denied any immigration benefits or relief. In addition, your attorney will want to know if you have any criminal history. If you have been denied any immigration benefits in the past, be sure to bring copies of the denial letters.

Understanding Your Options: Immigration Lawyer Consultation Explained

If you are not sure what to bring, contact the attorney to ask for a list of documents that will be helpful in your consultation. Generally, you should bring your original passport and visa or copies of those documents as well as any other relevant documentation that supports your immigration history.

Be sure to take your time during your consultation. A consultation is your chance to get answers to your most pressing questions and a feel for the attorney’s working style. It is a good idea to write down your questions ahead of time, especially if you are considering several attorneys.

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